Triangle Necklace Supplies: Gold craft wire,  mini tubing cutter, wire cutter, round jewelry pliers,  1/8 brass tube, chain, 6 jump rings, lobster clasp.

1. Using the mini tube cutter, cut four 2″ pieces, and four 1.5″ pieces
2. Next, lay down three 2″pieces to create the center triangle. Use the last 2″ pieces for the top of the side triangles, and use the 1.5″ pieces to create the bottom part of the side triangles
3. Next, put your wire through the tube, then cut the wire leaving a little excess on each side. With the round pliers make a loop on both ends.
4. With your pliers, open the end loop and connect to form the triangles
5. Next, connect the corners of the three triangles with the jump rings
6. Connect the chain to the outer corner loops with the jump rings
7. At the end of each side of the chain add a jump ring, and on one side add a lobster clasp to fasten


  1. I would tell you even more.
    There is even such a tip – you can use these small tubes with a small mirror… And use tubes as a frame for that mirror, you know. It’s so cool. And my friends were totally impressed 🙂

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