When it comes to clothing, there are certainly a number of ways through which one can express exactly what they feel. The numerous fashion styles available all serve as a great way to express exactly what you feel through your clothing. Urban style, popularized by hip-hop and R&B artists in the 90’s, describes a fashion look that flows with the beat of Hip-Hop and R&B while mixing highs and lows fabulously. In today’s modern world, urban style has come to describe the beauty, brains and soul of the urban culture.

As popular as it is, urban style is often confused with mainstream fashion. However, urban style isn’t all about big names; it’s more about individuality. Oversized baggy tops and bottoms uniquely modified to make a particular statement that expresses this individuality. When talking about urban style think of big name items being mixed with inexpensive often tattered items. This sets the tone for this style of clothing. Often used to express economic disdain, urban style effortlessly manages to captures the essence of one’s individuality. Moreover, it never fails to make a statement.

Capturing the essence of urban clothing can be difficult given the choices available. The popularity of urban clothing has waned considerably over the years. As such, it is quite common to find mainstream fashion items being mixed and tagged along with urban style items which make it more difficult to choose genuine urban fashion items.

The lack of urban style clothing garments has led to a number of individuals making their own urban clothing but this too has its own challenges. For instance, if you are going to fashion your own urban style clothing, you will need to carry out research on your urban silhouettes. Here, you will need to gather information on the urban brands that you would like your clothing to resemble. Research on the use of abstract art as well as tattoo inspired art and how they can be used effectively on clothing will also need to be taken into account. Furthermore, you will need to carry out research on the special techniques used in fabric dyeing. These include techniques such as center tie-dyes and batiks. Other important considerations include the type of fabric for the silhouette as well as the type of stitch used to create the garment.

While one can certainly create their own urban style clothing to represent exactly what they feel, it may make more sense to search patiently to find garments that match up with your sentiments.



  1. Urban style was and will be my favorite style ever! It allows to emphasize both beauty and any amount of brains too, while doing this simultaneously 😀

  2. It’s pretty hard to go wrong with urban. It’s the simplest thus the most natural approach in clothing, I tell you! 😉

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