Fur + Jeans, the irresistible fashion combo that is always effortlessly chic. The combination of denim keeps it casual, while the fur can bump it up into slightly more extravagant territory. It’s no wonder that some of the most famous style starlets are pulling this out as one of their style musts.  For a rockstar take on this fashion trend, look no further than Rhianna, who often opts for a warm-toned look, which just so happens to keep her warm too! To get this look, try pairing clean dark denim jeans with a bold blue jacket trimmed with caramel colored fur which keeps it in a similar color family. Pair this with your comfy t-shirt of choice and some oversized sunglasses.

A perfect look for just every day wear which sends out that incognito celebrity vibe, making everyone wonder who that mysterious woman is. To dress it up, pair it with some studded heels and mixed metal accessories, to help you look show ready. For a more luxe fashion look, try a little bit of Kim Kardashian’s aesthetic. Keep the jeans relatively pale and slightly distressed, keeping everything else neutral in color. But don’t be fooled by it’s simplicity, this look is all about texture.

For example, splash out on a cashmere turtleneck in a soft cream which is versatile and chic, not to mention a fashion staple for the cooler months. Pair this with a fur vest in muted or mixed pale furs, which helps keep the look soft. To really take this look to the next level, try some pale gold accessories to really give it that luxurious feel, along with some nude pumps, now you look like a celebrity! The wonderful thing about fur and jeans as a fashion combination is that jeans are a staple, and fur can range in price, from foe fur to the real authentic chic fur. Variety gives everyone a chance to try this gorgeous combo. Try it out for yourself, you’ll love it!



  1. Frankly, not the best tip post inside your blog… it’s really odd how people could steel wear and use fur that much.

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