There’s probably no city where people feel that they have the same freedom to wear the styles that they choose, wear what rocks for them; and not worry about trends, opinions or stares. They can pick a hair style out of a hair magazine, off the top of their heads or from a retro or vintage season. They can do themselves when they choose their clothes, shoes, makeup and nails as well.

For example, some people rock a blended plait, french braid or braid style, which might look or seem more like what a small girl would wear when her mommy gets her ready for school. No matter, if that’s what the New York woman wants, that’s what she wears. She does not apologize for her decisions, nor does she feel uncomfortable with her decisions.

Plaits and braids can be worn due to their practicality and low maintenance aspects. Some women choose such a style so that they can reminisce of days gone by or recapture a slice of girlhood. Whatever the reason, many women are eager to rock braids. Some even combine the braided look with updos; which goes on to speak to the combo styles that some elect. Whether it’s indecisiveness or two equal preferences, some street styles seen on the boulevards and in the boroughs are mergers or twinnings of two styles.

Ponytails can be very prominently seen on the New York scene. There are a number of reasons why women go with the ponytail too. It can give a sheek look or a sassy look any day of the week. Ponytails, although they may be a retro style from childhood, tend to also carry a mature adult vive.

Straight styles, achieved through the use of flat ironing or something similar; are another way that women in The Big Apple wear their hair these days. It could be their own hair or extensions. In addition, straight styles come plain or unadorned. The same can be said of the curly look. With a bow, florals or scarves; women pull together their looks with extra pizazz.

Chunky buns and buns that fall off the neat and tidy radar are also seen in New York. Neat is not a requirement for hair in the Big Apple.

The thing about the woman in this urban agglomeration is that she doesn’t care about haters. From the minute she sits in a stylist chair or stands in front of her mirror, she owns the results to come.Short, long, wavy, curly; conservative or way-out-there, the New Yorker about town doesn’t cave in to the court of public opinion.

During New York’s 2016 Fashion Week, some elected grunge or basic styles. Then there were those who mixed it up. For example, pops of color; like tangerine are common. Spring florals, shifts worn alone or with cheap jackets are a common style.

Cambray Chic, checks, off-shoulder solids, pleated dresses, stripes, geometrics, patterns, ruffles. You will see them all on the fashion scene in New York. Dip dyed dresses; which are different from the tie dyed t-shirts, also adorn many ladies. Metallics seem to crop up from time-to-time.

With every kind of shoe, and all types of legwear, women in this most populous city are living their fashion fantasies every day. While they may be turning others’ heads, they don’t bother to turn their own heads to look whose mouth is dropped open or whose finger is pointing.



  1. I’m originally from Washington, and I’ve remembered for my entire life my very first visit to New York…
    It was the same as if I took part in some Hollywood hangout with bunch of stylish celebrities and really good-looking people 🙂

  2. Yeah, NYC is on top of the ‘free-flying’ styling, no doubts. But have you ever been in Paris?.. 😀

  3. I love this light purple style a lot! It’s exactly as the picture was taken on Madison Ave or Broadway 🙂

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