A lot of trendy things arrive in my mailbox every week. Between my affinity for Amazon Prime and the fact that I’m a journalist, I receive a lot of new and nifty things to check out. When Cookie Chips arrived,  Miles immediately started to tear into the packaging. He’s in Kindergarten and is learning to read. He doesn’t know a lot of words yet, but “Cookie” he can recognize a mile away!

Plus, the bonus is that the cookies came packaged in bubble wrap. Cookies AND bubble wrap? He was in heaven.

So of course I was intrigued by the name Cookie Chips and the tag line, “Tastes like a cookie, crunches like a chip”.  I was impressed when I saw the ingredients are high-quality and all-natural including RBST-free milk and cage-free eggs. Also there are no artificial colors, flavor,  preservative or GMOS. I mean, it’s still a cookie, but the fact that it’s not full of hormones and poisons scores them major Mom Points.

They come in four signature flavors: Original, Chocolate Chip, Cinnamon and Sea Salted Peanut Butter.  He tasted all four. I only managed to get three on camera because he tasted the Orriginal flavored ones before we could even get home from my office with the goods. Look below the video to see what he thought of the one we didn’t get on camera.

The one he tasted before I had my camera rolling was Original Flavor which he gives a thumbs up!



  1. No no no. As much crunches and ‘chips effect’ the product has – the lower food quality you get. It’s logical and reasonable, right.

  2. Looking good, yeah. But definitely not healthy enough. Even due to the fact it’s cookies but not vegetables, for instance 🙂

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