Unlike a Shar-pei puppy, wrinkles on humans are far less appealing especially as we get older because they start to deepen rather than disappear. After seeing the wrinkles form and get worse, over time we may begin asking ourselves, where did we go wrong when maintaining our skin while younger? Not many people know wrinkles are part of the aging process and not many people have knowledge about the variety of wrinkle prevention productions on the market.

As we age, our skin’s firmness tends to decrease due to the decreased production of collagen, a fibrous protein found under the skin. Our skin also loses its springiness as well as oil-secreting glands, which make the skin soft and supple. Lacking these vital skin proteins, make our skin more prone to becoming weakened and even loss of tone. As a result, our skin sages and creases while fatty tissue starts to build up.

Many things cause most of us to experience the “aging process” such as normal aerobic processes, and free radicals. Normal aerobic process entails chemical reactions that depend on oxygen to proceed through its normal process creating free radicals. While free radicals are known to be unstable atoms or molecules that have lost / gained electrons through reactions. Examples of free radicals are sunlight, cigarette smoke and even environmental population can be harsh on collagen. Below are a few items that could help prevent wrinkles!

Antioxidants are compounds containing vitamins A, C and E that stop the process of free radicals taking a toll on your skin. According to medical studies, it has been proven that antioxidants have prevented damaged cause by free radical as well as reversed it. Studies also show that retinal, a form of Vitamin A, can reduce wrinkles by stimulating the collagen-producing cells. Foods from plants are rich in antioxidant and should be included in your diet daily. You will even find some teas that contain antioxidants.

Omega-3 Fats and oils are great for giving your skin cells the nourishment it needs. In fact, the fatty acids are the main factor for retaining moisture to the skin while plumping and firming the skin cells. In order to prevent or reverse wrinkling of the skin, you must include omega-3 fats and oils in your diet. That’s not the only thing Omega-3 Fats and oils are good for. They are polyunsaturated, meaning they are great for improving cardiovascular health as well.

Minerals such as selenium and copper are great for reducing wrinkles. These two minerals can be found in foods such as tuna, salmon, Brazil nuts, eggs and many whole grains. It is recommended to intake a very small amount of minerals daily no matter what they mineral type is.

Enjoy soy foods because they will help you reverse winkles in no time. Soybean contains a very high quality of protein and isoflavones, which are known to help grow collagen. In some recent studies, a compound made in the body by digesting soy food seemed to reduce fin line around the eyes in a few humans.



  1. Nutrition! Nutrition is #1 remedy and prophylactic tool for everything: aging, wrinkles, moisturizing etc.
    Pay attention for your daily nutrition.

  2. My main tips for skin treatment are – olive oil, flaxseeds and aloe vera. Those are magnificent tools for protection and proper moisturizing!

  3. Often the very first step in treating wrinkles – is to get sure… you do not smoke. Cigarettes of course.

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