So straight hair just isn’t doing it for you anymore or perhaps you just want something to switch things up a bit — or maybe you need a cute hairstyle for your wedding. Whatever the reason, you want something new and something different. You probably got yourself a batch of loose waves, but now that you’ve got them, you have no idea what to do with them. You don’t want to just leave them flying all over the place. So you need some ideas for styling your loose waves. Well if you follow the instructions below, you can style your loose waves whenever you want. To get heat-less overnight waves/curls , you can do one of the following:

Hairstyle Number One: Make sure your hair is damp for this hairstyle. Then begin by splitting your hair into two sections. Then, you’re going to do two basic front braids for both sides. Split your hair into three and you just keep adding strands as you go along. Then once each side is done being braided, tie the ends up with a little hair tie. Once you’ve tied it off, you can loosen the braids so your hair isn’t too tight. Leave the braids in your hair overnight. In the morning, begin undoing the braids and loosening the strands out until all of your hair has been blended in together. You can then add some hairspray to hold you hair in place and then you’re ready to go!

Hairstyle Number Two: Make sure your hair is damp before you begin. Also, if you have layers, this may make strands fall out in the front. First, begin by doing a French braid. For those who have layers, do two French braids instead of one. Braid and keep adding strands as you continue back down the middle of your head. Then, tie it off at the end with a hair tie. Now, leave the braid in overnight. In the morning, you can then start by undoing the braid and start blending the waves/curls together. You can then choose to spray you hair with hairspray or not, the choice is your’s with this hairstyle.

Hairstyle Number Three: Make sure your hair is damp before doing this hairstyle. This is more for people who struggle with French braids, but anyone can do this hairstyle. Begin by doing a French twist for both side of your sectioned off hair. You split your hair in two and twist it while adding hair to one piece. When you run out of strands of hair to add to you two pieces, twist both remaining untwisted hair and then twist the rest together. Then, tie it off with a hair tie. Make sure to loosen your roots up after twisting. Leave the twists in overnight. Once it’s morning, begin undoing the twists and begin blending the soft, loose waves together.

Hairstyle Number Four: Make sure your hair is slightly damp (80-95% dry) when you begin this hairstyle. Begin by splitting your hair in two and twist both sides completely. Just keep twisting until the twist is really tight. Once the twist has been made completely tight, put it across the back of your head and clip it down (use more than one clip to makes sure it stays down). Repeat for the opposite side. Leave the twists in overnight. In the morning, you can take out all the clips and begin blending the twists together. Then you’ll have bouncy waves!

Hairstyle Number Five: Make sure your hair is slightly damp for this hairdo. First, take a chunk of your hair and just start twisting the sectioned off chunks into buns, tie them off with hair ties. Do this to both sides of your head. You should have a total of eight little buns. Leave the buns in overnight. Once it’s morning, you can begin undoing all the little buns. Then, start undoing the curls and blend the waves/curls together until they’re all blended together. You hair should have lots of waves and tons of volume to it now!

Now that you know these great tricks, go start playing with them and seeing which one you like best! You’ll probably find the perfect style to compliment your favorite outfit! Enjoy!



  1. Damn.. This is incredibly sexy hair style. Never used it before but I’m adore of some celebs who use it regularly.

  2. never thought there is such a variety of exactly loose waves hair style to use. it’s really awesome. thanks for sharing your expe

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