Anyone can transform rough dry skin, to smooth glowing skin with a few simple tips. One very important key point in eliminating dry dull skin, is moisturizing your skin to get a hydrating balance that penetrates into your skin, and does not sit on the surface of your skin.

For an instant radiant complexion, you must not depend on covering up with an orangey fake makeup glow or bronzer. Caring for your skin can prevent a dry dull and tired look, and also prevent wrinkles from appearing. With a simple daily routine of moisturizing your skin, your makeup will flow easier, and your skin will appear radiant, and glowing throughout the day.

Removing you makeup before bedtime is always best, and deep cleanse with an oil based remover, rinsing your face well after you have massaged the oil well onto your face. Oil based makeup removers will not irritate, and removes makeup even from the deepest pores.

For new skin to resurface, you must exfoliate your skin, avoiding sensitive skin areas such as eyes, nose, and lips. With a circular motion, exfoliate your face using a gentle super fine grain exfoliating and cleansing soap, that is not harsh to the skin. Rinse and pat dry your face, doing this once a week to remove dry skin cells, and not overdrying your facial skin…not forgetting your neck area. For sensitive acne prone skin, try using a salicylic based cleanser.

Not everyone needs a toner, but some skin types benefit from using a light toner for removing excess dirt not removed by exfoliating or cleansing. Witch hazel or Rosewater are a better choice, because they are natural and an alternative to toners and astringents that tend to dry the skin, and can cause acne breakouts.

A gentle SPF moisturizer will work well to keep your skin moist and fresh before applying your makeup. If you don’t use makeup, use an SPF 30 sun blocker to avoid sun damage. For bedtime, make sure the moisturizer you choose is lightweight, to avoid moisturizer from setting deep in the pores, causing them to clog.

Gentle soaps, cleansers, and makeup removers are best for your skin. If your skin feels dry and tight after rinsing, you may be using a cleanser too harsh for your skin type. Try not to rub your face when you dry. Pat dry softly, making sure your towel is soft, and clean…do not rub your face when drying.

In addition, your whole body can benefit from a routine of healthy eating habits and exercise, adding to the beauty of your overall skin…and natural glow. Drinking plenty of water a day helps discard toxins from your body faster. Stay away from caffeinated beverages, and eat a healthy diet eliminating excessive sugars, and salty foods.

Altering the beauty of your skin can be easy if you plan a basic and daily routine to help you follow a plan. Before you know it your skin will be radiant, healthy, and have a natural glow. There is no need for costly ingredients, just simple, natural, and healthy ingredients, that anyone can implement in their daily lifestyle!



  1. One of the best secrets to keep your skin smooth and healthy it’s soo damn easy, that it could be hard to believe…
    You know what is that?.. It’s WATER. Yes, ma’am, exactly water!
    Drink enough and be healthy. Your skin will thank you together with the whole body 😉

  2. I recently found very good working SPF moisturizer. Can’t say its name, but it’s extremely important to have one in one’s arsenal

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