Your lips is the prominent facial feature which you need to take care , when you do make up if you don’t apply lipstick then your make up is incomplete or you can say your looks are incomplete. But you can’t apply lipstick all the time except any event. For natural looks your lips should be soft and pink to look attractive to the other person and for your own grooming too. Black, dry or discolored lips never look attractive at all.

Some beauty tips for pink lips:

Rubbing with toothbrush:

Now you must be thinking that rubbing a tooth brush on your lips, what they are talking about? Well take a soft bristled tooth brush and gently rub it on your lips in a circular motion to remove the dead skin and stimulates the blood flow to the lips.

Lip scrub:

Make a lip scrub from brown sugar with teaspoon of honey and one tablespoon of coconut oil. Apply and rub this scrub for 30 minutes on your lips and rinse with water afterwards.


Vaseline is best for your lips. Apply it for over night or you can also apply it in a day time. It will give you soft lips and also remove blackness from your lips. It will moisturize your lips.

Remove lipsticks properly after use:

Remove lipsticks properly when used it will dry your lips and even discolored because it contains chemicals and we have very less organic make up products available in the market.

Drink a lot of water:

You need to keep yourself hydrated. Whatever you eat is visible in your health. Drink at least 2 l of water in a day to keep you hydrated.

Turmeric and milk scrub:

Make a paste from a drop of milk and a teaspoon of turmeric. Apply paste on lips it will help you to improve the discoloring of the lips.

Beetroot juice:

Beetroot juice is the one which will give you result in weeks for pink lips. It will also lighten darker lips.



  1. I’m so happy you’ve mentioned to drink enough water for that! It seems hard to believe but even for our lips – water play a huge role in it.

  2. I’m so rarely able to get this soft effect for my lips. But hopefully these tips would make the deal.

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