How to get long nails is not that difficult but keeping them long is a problem. You need to give little time to your nails and change your lifestyle routine to keep them long. Nails get broken if you don’t give them proper treatment. How to get long nails is as easy  as you think, just you need to bring a change in your diet and give some time to your nails for the treatment.


Stop biting your nails:

Biting your nails means you are not allowing them to grow. Don’t bite your nails they will never grow and the nails get weaker day by day. If you want to keep them long then add any smelly material pr spice in your nail polish to keep you away from nibbling.

File your nails:

File your nails regularly for any broken corners when you don’t file the brittle or split nails they will definitely never get longer, When you will file your nails in wrong position then they will break. Always file your nails in single direction; it will prevent them from splitting.

Apply moisturizer:

Apply moisturizer to our cuticles and nails to keep them soft. Dry cuticles will form hangnails.  Apply olive oil and coconut oil as they are the best moisturizers.

Fix broken nails:

When any one your nail get broken, quickly fix it to save your nail from splitting completely, it also looks unattractive and stress the whole nail to break. Get your nail file after you find it broken from the corner.

Prefer round or oval shape:

If you want to keep your nails long, and then prefer to file them in a round or oval shape, otherwise nails with edges get hooked in to things easily and cause them to break.

Don’t use gel nail polish:

Gel nail polish is applied to the nail by using UV light for remain for 3, 4 weeks. So our nails get weaker when applied for so long and break. Even when you use a regularly nail polish for too long your nails get pale in color and transparent and get broken easily.

Avoid chemicals:

Avoid using chemicals or nail polish remover to much or when you use them on any occasion them must apply oil after using nail polish remover to your nails and cuticles.

Avoid peeling off nail polish:

Mostly women used to peel their nail polish rather using nail polish remover as it damages your nails and also become less shiny. When you peel your nail polish,also peels the nail layer underneath your nail polish and makes it thinner.

Use fish oil supplement:

To give strength to your nails use fish oil supplement as it contains omega-3 fatty acid which is good for hair and nails.

Biotin supplement:

Buy a biotin supplement as it’s a b complex vitamin that give growth to your nails. It hardens them and prevents breakage rather growing them long.

Wear gloves:

If you are a house wife and your hands are in water most of the time, and then use the gloves to prevent them from dangerous chemicals. Don’t keep your nails in water for long time. They will break and gets weaker. Wear rubber gloves when washing dishes.

Don’t use nails as a tool:

Don’t use your nails to scratch anything, opening packages and tearing in to bag. If will leads to breakage.



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