You can’t apply makeup all the time, sometimes you are going through with some kind of skin problems or fed up of doing makeup on daily basis, so you prefer to go out without makeup but do you have the clear skin? If not then you may feel vulnerable exposed without makeup. So you must have the clear and fresh skin. Don’t be afraid that how to get clear skin, you just need to read this article for some useful tips. The first in getting the clear skin is from inside out. How?

Taking care of skin inside out:

Take 8 hours of sleep daily not stressful but with the relaxed mind. Eat healthy and drink lots of water. Sleep will fresh your skin and repair the damage by itself. Drinking lots of water will hydrate your skin, flushing out the toxins when you sweat and fueling skin metabolism.

Wash you face twice:

Wash your face twice a day to get the clear skin. The money you spend in buying different beauty products and creams to get clear skin, it’s better to buy one face wash which best suited your skin and use it in the morning and night. Using it more will cause your skin dry and damage.

Apply moisturizer:

After washing your wash, must apply some quality moisturizer which contain SPF. Don’t use the moisturizer having fragrance, it must e some kind of chemical contain. If you are facing pimples then don’t use the oily moisturizer. Who got the drier skin; they must go for the moisturizer which nourishes your skin like aloe, shea butter contained.

Don’t press your pimples:

If you are facing pimples on your face, then don’t press them unnecessarily, it will leave a mark on your skin and looks weird without makeup. Makeup should be avoided when you are facing the acne, use sun block when going out and apply the creams or gels which contain benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid.

Don’t touch your face:

Touching your face unnecessarily, scratching with nails, picking pimples or squeezing them with nails will add bacteria and oil to your skin, rubbing your face will loosen your skin and cause premature wrinkles.

Removing makeup or dirt:

If you are using makeup occasionally then do remove your makeup properly with cleanser, it clog the pores when you sleep at night, your skin needs oxygen and whenever you go out , wash your face to remove the dirt particles on your face.



  1. Using makeup for “clearing the skin” it’s like switching the red button of a gas storage off insted of filling it with the fuel, you know 😀

  2. The idea of washing face two times really speaks to me. And after that – the session of my beloved moisturizer 🙂

  3. But actually makeup has totally nothing to do with the very skin purity.
    Only regular and delicate care procedures can do that.

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