The summer is a time for wearing flip flops, going swimming, sporting beach hair and getting that bronzy tan. But don’t forget that a real tan from the sun is no longer cool. The damaging UV rays of the sun harm us more than they make us look pretty. Even though dermatologists and doctors recognize that about ten minutes of sunblock-free sun can help humans get the recommended amount of vitamin D they need each day, as a general rule, experts in the field say that we should be protecting ourselves against the sun every day we go outside. Even on overcast days, the sun can damage our skin, set us up for skin cancer and put serious facial wrinkles in our future. So how do you get that bronzy summer skin without doing damage? There is a way.

First, if you want a darker look for summer, you can opt for a spray tan. Spray tans are offered at tanning salons and some beauty and hair salons. Spray tans can be applied by hand by an expert, but most often, they are applied using a spray tan machine that is automated. You stand in front of a large wall of sprays, and shut your eyes. Your hair, palms and the bottoms of your feet are covered, and the rest of you is evenly coated in a thin air brush of tan colored pigment. Then, you turn and do your backside, and no, you don’t have any clothes on. As far as tanning with safety in mind goes, this is your best option, however, the verdict is out on whether or not the chemicals in this spray tan are good for you.

If salon spray tans are too expensive for you or if you don’t like the idea of standing naked in front of an airbrush tanning machine, you can always give yourself a fake tan at home. Going to a drugstore will reveal that there are literally hundreds of different forms of at-home tanning options. You can get tanning wipes that have pigment in them. Rub one of these all over your body, wait for about ten to fifteen minutes for the pigments to soak in, and you’re good to go.

Similar forms of at-home tanning products include tanning foams, tanning sprays, tanning lotions and tanning serums. Remember not to get a pigment that is too dark to look natural on your skin. Opt for a very small change in color at the beginning because if something goes wrong, you’ll have orange streaks all over your body, and these are hard to get off once they’re on.

Finally, when doing your makeup, never put on a darker color just to make your face look darker. This will make you look very odd. Continue to match your concealer and foundation to your natural skin color, but use a bold bronzer on your cheeks, along your hairline and across the bridge of your nose. Following these tips will give you a lovely and safe summer bronze.



  1. God bless I already do have enough ‘bronze’ looking skin, so I don’t need to use any extra methods 😀

  2. The natural sun tan is a mandatory no matter what. Of course I understand a damaging influence of too much of UV rays, but there should be a balance you know. Nothing could replace a naturally looking (at least subtle) sun tan.

  3. Healthy Glow looks to dark for me. Don’t you find?.. With bronze glowing it’s always important not to overdo.

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