Choosing the right pair of sunglasses depends on more than just how good they look on the rack or on your face. Beyond being a fashion accessory, they should also play the functional role of protecting the eyes from the sun’s rays. Buyers can follow these few steps while choosing a pair of sunglasses to complement their needs and style.

The first step is to invest in a pair that offers complete protection against ultra violet rays and ultra violet beams. Some brands are cosmetic and cheap yet they offer no protection from the sun or other elements. Picking a darker lense does not always mean that it offers more protection than a lighter lense. This protection information is often available on tags, stickers or packaging that comes with the sun glasses. The best pairs should indicate 99 or 100 percent lense blockage of UV rays and protection of wavelengths of 400 and above.

After checking on the protection level, buyers should try them on to ensure that the lense does not have color or view distortion. Sunglasses that distort the view can make it both difficult and dangerous to walk or drive. Gray, brown and clear lenses are often the best options for clarity of view. They can also be polarized so that water bounces off them instead of hanging on to the lenses. These sunglasses can be chosen based on the quality of the material that was used to make the lenses. The optical quality is better on variations that have been ground and polished.

Wraparound sunglasses offer better protection compared to smaller frames. They stop light affecting the eyes from overhead and protect the skin around the eyes from wrinkling caused by ultra violet penetration. They are also a stylish option as they have a timeless look to them.

After making the above considerations, buyers can now choose according to style. These vary from mirror surface shades, to over sized to tear drop shapes. Picking a particular shape should be informed by facial structure and shape. For people with prominent cheek bones and a heart shaped face, the aviators are a perfect choice. Oval shaped forces work well with sunglasses that have a wide frame and sharp edges. The square face can be balanced out with circular frames mostly found in cat eye frames and for round faces, a square or rectangular frame does the trick. Some brands even come with lenses that are inter-changeable to complement different clothes and styles.

Finally, it is important to choose a pair that is cost effective while fulfilling all the above requirements. Remember, investing in an expensive brand does not always translate to buying a pair that offers the best protection. Whatever the case, sunglasses should fit properly and not slip off; it shouldn’t touch the eye lashes or pinch the sides of the ears. The weight should fall evenly on the bridge of the nose and the ears. Considering these factors will ensure you have a perfect pair that you can confidently wear in public.



  1. Sunglasses are not only about fashion or accessory. It’s about protecting the eyes, you know! It’s on the first place 🙂

  2. Choosing sunglasses – it’s necessary to start with the face form of a person. Even the most trendy sunglasses could go wrong with some special faces, you know.

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