How To Apply Eye Shadow

Eye shadows are very important in the makeup steps. How to apply eye shadow is a very tricky thing to do. If you are not a makeup expert and if you lack expertise in  doing makeup, it doesn’t mean you cannot do anything. All you have to do is learn some tricks for how to apply eye shadow correctly.

How to apply eye shadow

  • First of all apply primer potion to eyelids. If you don’t have a primer potion mix some foundation, Vaseline and cold cream together and there is your home made primer potion. Applying primer potion to your eye is the first step to learn before you learn how to apply eye shadow. Apply the primer all over the eye area.
  • Next step is to go for a lighter shade, when you apply light shades of golden, peach and white on the base then you have a fresh canvas to start on the eye. Apply a lighter shade all over the eye.

You can simply follow the first two steps and move along to the eye liner and mascara and you are done with the eye makeup. But then how to apply eye shadow will remain a mystery.There is a proper way of applying shadows and to learn that you must learn the shape of your eye.

If you have small eyes then try spreading your eye shadow out of the eye lids, and use light shades for this, and blend with dark shades merging from the outer corner. Cover the tear ducts with white shade and blend. This will give your eyes enlarged eyes look. If you have big eyes, apply the eye shadow only on the eyelids, and use dark shades.

Eye shadows are easily applied even without brushes. If you lack professional brushes collection, then use the eye shadows with fingers; use your middle finger to apply eye shadow and mostly try not to exceed the eye lids, as the shades are much more effective if applied on the eye lids instead of the whole eye.



  1. Of course you can use finger if you don’t have a brush nearby. But it’s such a big difference between these two!

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