Hair accessories for little girls are very useful to keep their hair in place, while also adding some interest and color to their hairstyle. There are several gorgeous hair accessories available in the fashion market today to present a perfect touch to go well with the outfit that girls wear.


These may range from bobby pins and little bows to hair bands and scarves. With the so many available accessories, it’s not an easy job for moms to choose the right hair accessories for their daughters. Here are five of the most popular and fashionable hair accessories for little girls.



Though headband is a very common hair accessory for little girls, it is still very fashionable and popular. Plastic bands and crochet headbands are commonly seen to be worn by little girls and also adults. They are very much in trend. There are a whole range of headbands to choose from in different sizes, colors, and designs.


Hair Bows

Hair bows are in fashion most of the time, but still there are few types that have gained more popularity than the others based on the time of the year and the occasion. For instance, tulle hair bows are all the rage during weddings and other special celebrations. Tulle has always been a special part of girls’ fashion, having been used in their dresses, hair accessories and other fashion accessories for that special feminine look that the fabric exhibits.


It’s easy to find a hair bow for a specific occasion with the wide selection available. From the chunky smaller 2.5″ bows to the boutique style bigger 6″ bows, one can find the right hair bow for every occasion. The bottle cap bow is also in style these days. In fact, bows are coming back in trend for older girls also, so it isn’t anymore a little girl’s accessory.

Flower Clips

Almost all age groups of girls love to adorn their hair with flower clips. These clips can be matched with almost any kind of outfit. Such clips can be worn either by itself or fixed to a beanie hat or headband to present a great look. They are available in the form of various flowers in different colors.


Hair Pins

Hair pins have always been a great accessory for little girls to keep their unruly hairs in place away from the face. They can work great for all types of hairs. There are various styles that can be creating making use of these simple hair pins. It’s certainly something that girls will never outgrow. Hair pins also work great for those girls who are growing out their bangs since they can simply pin back their longer bangs. A must-have hair accessory for every girl irrespective of her age!


While the above listed are the most popular hair accessories among little girls, there’s much more to add to the list like ribbons, korker bows, beanie hats, and more. Moms should opt for the right accessories for their little fairies to add some groom in their hair style.



  1. I will tell you more.
    I’m 33 and I still use hair bows 😉 And I feel myself really outstanding. Especially when my husband gives compliments about it.

  2. I’m so happy our Becky likes to use headbands not only for holidays at school but at least once a week. She’s so gorgeous with it 😀

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