Living in a city where temperatures hardly reach 20℃ the only way to show bare legs seems to be in combination with something warm as for instance a wool jumper. According to the calendar we are in June right now, which at least in Europe is supposed to be a summer month. Looking at the weather however it could undoubtably also be November… Hence I think the choice for a skirt, that is in fact from the (past) Autumn/Winter collection seems to be very adequate…. or what do you say? Have you bought any summer clothes this year? And if so, during or before the sale started? Please share your best summer purchases with me. For me summer really doesn´t seem to happen this year..

I was wearing a wool jumper from Massimo Dutti, skirt from Zara, Coccinelle bag, Bimba y Lola court shoes and the necklace is from COS.



  1. This outfit is totally bulls eye! Skirt, accessories are incredibly awesome. This is a pure inspiration for me,.

  2. What a skirt. Wow! It blew my mind just right now 🙂
    I won’t say it’s in a minimal style but it looks so unique and incredible. Want it

  3. I just came back from Norway, where – although it’s summer – temperatures stay below 15 degrees C, so dressing for summer is not an alternative. Here, in Rio, it’s midwinter and 25!

    Anyway, you look great! Have a great summer.
    – Kristine

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