Wearing clothes is no longer just about covering the body or just trying to look good. It has more than the basic functional benefit that consumers derived initially. Have you ever noticed how often you take up so much of extra pain to put the extra effort? However, this extra effort is never wasted. It makes you feel good. If these efforts are followed by receiving good complements, you tend to be on cloud nine.


Dress Up Smart

Be it just the right combination of fashion apparels, and accessories, or a pair of cowboy boots that were initially worn just by cowboys, and now being desired by the well-to-do folks in high-tech cities like New York, you can gain confidence by dressing up smartly.


It Lifts the Self Confidence

A recent study showed that dressing up in more fashionable clothes made women feel emotionally strong and happier than the rest. Women who are depressed or are sad are the ones who are most likely to wear baggy tops and jeans and loose sweatshirts.  However, women who are very happy and have a positive feeling will always flaunt themselves wearing highly fashionable clothes and jewelry. A positive co-relation between being sad and wearing jeans was found.


Clothes Make All the Difference!

How we dress up also gives a hint of our level of motivation and confidence in everyday life. When you come with sloppy clothes and untidy hair with no makeup, you often feel like a loser. However, the right set of clothes along with the right footwear can make you feel out of the blue. Online platform is the best option to have a look at wide array of fashionable clothes. One can also customize their outfit and other products.


Try the Hand-Made Clothes

Hand-made clothes have become a new trend in the market. If one wishes to buy such clothes, there are many reliable websites like Gipsy Dharma that offer awesome stuff. For instance, Gipsy Dharma offers a wide variety of such clothes and footwear. In case you feel very disheartened, don’t just go buy chocolates, but also try to modify your perfect wardrobe. Dressing based on occasion also helps boost the right set of energy. For a job interview, the right set of formal clothes makes you feel strong, confident and stand high in the crowd.


The Emotional Attachment

It’s not just about the garments; even with a simple dress the perfect footwear can again make you feel happy, delighted and confident. Many a time, when we open our wardrobe and find a piece of cloth that makes us feel sad, a garment that fits no longer but we still preserve it, thinking that it will fit one day.


A dress that you wore to a date could have been totally a mess and thereafter you may never find yourself wearing it again. Women are seen to align emotions a lot to what they choose, wear and preserve. Fashion for them has a direct emotional connection that can help boost their mood. On the other side, many people also transfer their negative emotions on the clothes worn by them. So, always keep a check on your wardrobe and have the best clothes to lift your mood.

Jenny Mariah is a fashion stylist working for a leading fashion designing company. She writes articles for fashion blogs about women’s fashion on a regular basis.



  1. I’m always wondering – there are still lots of people thinking that fashion sense is something only about genes, that one should be born with it inside… But come on! It could be disovered and developed by anyone. Of course with the right amount of efforts.

  2. Good fashion taste obviously could lift anyone. Especially when the person is as much aware of what’s going on as it is just possible for one 🙂

  3. It’s wise to remeber – the clothes does not ‘make all the difference’, but the one who wears it does.
    Clothes is nothing, it’s only a matter. The human is on the 1st place you know.

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