What is bio oil?

It is a mixture herbs like lavender, chamomile, and rosemary are used to extract oils from. There are even vitamins infused in these oils. The key ingredient in thebio-oil is the PurCellin oil, which is obtained from ducks, they secrete these oils.Bio-oil looks like olive oil, and its aroma is strong. It is advisable to be massaged onto the skin and only to be used within the given time.


Benefits of bio-oil:

  • It has drastic and long lasting moisturizing effect on the skin. It is one of the best moisturizer available in terms of oil.
  • People all over the world who have been using bio-oil to treat any kind of skin problem have reviewed that it is a promising product. Any skin discoloration problems can be treated fairly using it. If your skin tone is uneven and you need to apply foundations all the time, then use bio oil for a permanent solution.
  • If you have acne-marks or scars on your skin, use bio-oil and after a period of two to three months you will get a clear and smooth skin. This also means you are relieved of buying expensive heavy makeup or concealing items to hide your scars, now you can apply plain makeup and feel free.
  • If you have pregnancy stretch marks on the stomach or you have returned from the obese city then these marks are also treatable using bio-oil.
  • The greatest achievement of bio-oil is to reduce skin aging. If you’re old and your skin is looking really bad, then use of bio-oil can work wonders for you. And if you’re not that old and still your skin looks like it has got 10 years more on it, then bio-oil is the only natural solution for you.
  • Bio-oil is also very helpful in treating dehydrated skin.


  1. This oil seems to be not that much natural as it meant on its title, I guess. It’s a some kind of technology standing behind it. Did I get this right?

  2. Damn. It’s embarassing… Really.
    How comes that today we even have ‘bio oil’ as a some separate type of oil… It immediately pushes the thought of what kind of quality modern types of oil should be… obviously not that much natural and ‘bio’ as it used to be before… 🙁

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