I have been on the hunt for a condo since last summer.  So far nothing I have seen has sparked my interest. I know exactly what I want, and I have the will power to hold out for it, so until then I will continue to make plans for my future home décor via Pinterest 🙂  I was hoping I would be in my new home by this spring, but it looks as if that will not be the case…But good things always come to those who wait, right?

When I find myself daydreaming about the interior design of my new home, I tend to always be drawn to neutral pallets.  Maybe I’m too boring, but there is just something about having white walls bringing in more natural light and having a clean blank canvas to start the creation process.  My favorite colors are blue and sage, and I’m pretty sure I will be integrating those colors into my bedroom.  Here are some of my current inspirations.

Blue Hues + Neutral Pallets


White + Linen

Chandelier making a statement.



  1. God, I love so much the direction in which modern design, architecture design and apartments design is evolving nowadays!

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