How much do we know about lingerie? What a better occasion than Valentine’s Day to get a better understanding of sensual undergarments.  To spice up your love life, wearing sexy lingerie can make a world of difference for you and your other half. Your partner generally has an idea of what they find appealing as well as what we think of as traditional.  When buying lingerie be sure to know for what reason, and for whom you are buying it!

We feel that lingerie should have two key factors, your partner should appreciate it of course…but MOST importantly, you should feel sexy and beautiful in it!  Spicing up undergarments is a beautiful way to express endearment and will allow for a more passionate environment.  Just remember, if you’re not comfortable in what you’re wearing you may be too tense to enjoy the benefits of it!

When considering a significant other, to get started, let’s just cover some of the main types of lingerie available shall we?  We’ve compiled a short list for you to discover, or better yet share this with your significant other!

These are the top types of basic lingerie when considering a general overview.  Of men surveyed the short list below contains the top favorite (and known by men) styles of lingerie.  For a more in depth listing of types of lingerie we’ve included additional information afterwards.

Baby Doll: This is basically a short nightgown that finishes at the top of the hip. It begins with a clasp or a knot at the bust, and the rest of it floats away from the body. Usually, a baby doll is sold with a panty type bottom of matching adornments.  Think ruffles and lace on both pieces.

Boy Shorts: These are panty type shorts worn as underwear and similar to a man’s boxer.  Surprisingly this is one of the top listed items in lingerie that men appreciate.

Bustier: These are well or form fitting tops that are fastened at the back and accentuate the bust.  Traditionally used for controlling the figure and accentuating the bust.

Camisole: This is a short comfortable top that extends to the waist. It can be worn like a slip and is sometimes utilized even in business environments underneath suit jackets. This piece is generally of a smooth material such as silk or satin.

Chemises: These are short nightgowns that are usually made out of a fairly light material, something frilly and fun.

Corsets: Corsets originally were made for controlling the figure and creating an hourglass figure by taking in the stomach, enhancing the bust and forming the hips.   Modern corsets may be of the same nature or loosely fitting.

Kimonos: These are basic loose fitting robes generally light in material and to the touch, more often worn over more ‘revealing’ types of lingerie.

Teddy: Similar to a one-piece bathing suit, generally these consist of a top and attached bottom just like a bathing suit.  Of course they inculcate the standard lace and frill of lingerie in most cases.

Thong: Thongs are similar to G-Strings but are more comfortable for the wearer and a little more discreet.  They contain a thicker strip in the rear and are a popular type of general panty as well as a sexy lingerie.

The above outline the basic types of lingerie and what men consider the most appealing pieces that they would like to see on their significant other.

Now for a more thorough list of what is not included above for an in depth look:

Other Types of Erotic Lingerie

Garter Belt: The garter belt is worn directly on the skin around the waist. Sexy stockings or thigh-highs can be attached to the belt with the 4 to 8 straps that dangle from this exotic item. To complement the look, wear a sexy matching bra (or not).

Peignoir: A peignoir is a long gown with a length that reaches the ankles. These types of gowns usually come with a matching robe.

Novelty Lingerie: Styles of sexy novelty lingerie vary greatly, from highly embellished items, to unique fabrics such as leather, to fantasy costumes.

Normal Daily Lingerie

Bras: Bras along with panties are a woman’s most common pieces of lingerie. Bras give breasts support and enhance a woman’s appearance.

Panties: Women’s everyday panties come in different cuts and styles. Depending on your preference and comfort level, there is a selection for everyone.

Bikini: A bikini is a type of panty that sits on the hip and fully covers the front and rear.  Basically these are just like the standard bikini bottoms that are worn at the beach.

Brazilian Cut: These panties have a wider exposure in the rear but are more concealing than Thongs or G-Strings.

Cheeky: This panty show the sides of the rear.  It is in between a bikini bottom and thong type panty

Hipster: This is a low waist panty that hugs the hips and is shorter than boy shorts that are mentioned in the top list.

Flutter: This style sits on the waist and has elastic at the top.  They are loose and frilly at the bottom.

Slip: These are light garments that are worn underneath revealing clothing.

Shapewear: These are garments that are intended to accentuate the figure and control form.  One of the most popular in recent years are the Spanx line of undergarments.



  1. I use peignoirs no matter where I’m located: either at home or on travels. It always keep me refreshed and satisfied!

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