While wrapping your woolen scarves around your neck when the cool weather approaches is simple, there are ways you can utilize those silky scarves you have hanging around your bedroom. These lighter scarves also have a place when it comes to your fashion sense, you just have to know how to properly use them. Here are simple techniques on 3 ways to wear a scarf in your hair. Be sure to grab the longer ones, that become narrow when folded in half and are longer than your hairstyle.

1. The Milkmaid Style

For this unique scarf design, you will need to draw a part in the center of the hair all the way to the neck. Once you have divided the hair into two equal parts, take the scarf and line it up so the center is against the neck. Begin to drape the scarf so each end will be on top of a section of your hair. This is where it gets a little tricky, so take your time and before you know it you will be able to do this with your eyes closed. Here you need to begin to braid the scarf and hair together. To do this, first separate little sections of your hair into three sections, two hair one scarf. Braid the one side first and secure with a band, then do the same for the other until you have created two nice pigtails. Take those two pigtails and pull up towards the top of your head, tie the two ends of that silky scarf into a knot.

2. The Urban Silky Turban

This unique way to wear a scarf in your hair is perfect for days that you are running late and need to do something quickly with your hair. Start by first misting your hair with your favorite texture spray, then twist it up to a quick bun at your crown. Hold the messy bun with pins, then fold the silky scarf into a narrow strip. Place the narrow scarf against the neck, then pull the ends of the scarf up so they cross at your forehead. Take the open ends and bring back to the neck where you will knot the scarf.

3. The Long Braid

If you are already comfortable wearing a braid in your hair, then the braid will help to add just the right amount of bling to it. To pull off this look you will need your longest scarf with a bright and vibrant pattern. Wrap the scarf around your head similar to how you would a headband, making certain to leave the loose ends at the back. Tie the scarf at the back of the neck, then divide your hair into three sections with the bigger in the middle with two equal ones outside. Simply run the two ends of the scarf into the outer sections of hair, begin braiding from here. Once you reach the ends, simply tie that scarf into a knot.



  1. Turbans are the best. I love Erykah Badu’s style a lot! She was a real ‘trend-setter’ in this case 🙂

  2. The Milkmaid Style is my most favorite one. It immediately adds lots of pleasure and even self-satisfaction I would say 😀

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