10 Attractive Fake Nails Designs

Nails are the most visible on your hands so mostly women like long nails. Women shaped and paint their nails once in a day. Women put on long fake nails because they look attractive. Real nails are often peeling or thin, that’s why female mostly preferred fake long  nails. So, the designs get put on them. Fake nails are considered as important  for young girls in order to look more stylish and stunning.

However, in order to make your hands look attractive fake nails are used There are many types of these nails. One of them is

  1. Acrylic nail design

In this a liquid is mixed with a powder and brush the mixture on to nails. It is very easy to remove after shaking hands in nail polish remover for 15 minutes.


  1. Solar nails design:

This is also a type of artificial nail, but it is a type of Acrylic nails. Acrylic refers to a material polymethyl methacrylate .People sometimes call them pink and white because in solar nails a combination of white and pink acrylic is used that is created by a Creative Nail Designs and this is mostly in fashion of nails now a days.


  1. Bling acrylic nail designs:

This design is followed by the shapes of birds,animals,stars,heart on fake long nails from different colours of nail is very common in young girls today.

  1. Gel nails design:

Gel nails are used in the past not now days. A paste  gel like products arescrubbed onto the nails or nail tips. It is then put the nails under  into ultraviolet light for up to two minutes to harden the nails. Gels are more expensive and hard to remove.

  1. Sculptured nails:

These are applied to the natural nails with a fiberglass gel. These are sculpted and lengthened over a folio form to produce desired shape and length. These are must be fulfilled on the regular basis.

  1. Silk Wrap nails design:

Silk wrap are small, thin pieces of silk, paperthat have been changed to a desired shape and bonded to the surface of the natural fingernail. They are thought more natural and preferred more because they are flexible.

  1. Magic nails design:

These are the practice of applying a layer of acrylic on natural nails and second or last layers of gel on top of the acrylic. In order to fake looking long nails, magic nails are best.

  1. Shellac nails design:

This design is also called soak-off gel nail polish. But it is not a type of fake nail it is a manicure does not involve glue. In this natural nails are reshaped and it is a quick process.

  1. Press-Ons:

It is a solution that is quick fix. This is unique when there is no time to go to the salon and it is inexpensive. But it looks obviously fake if closely inspected. Found in different colors.

  1. French manicure design:

This is attractive design of nail in which different designs are drawn on nails. All of these designs are attractive to cover the natural nails and it shows the beauty of hands as well.



  1. I would like to name such type of nails not ‘fake’… not ‘artificial’ or something like that.
    But let’s say ‘alternative nails’ – in this way it’s much better to percieve such a beauty which one could make with own 10 hand nails.

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