Putting outfits together is so much fun, but sometimes they can seem a little lacklustre or boring. You probably don’t want to look the same as everybody else either, do you? I love to stand out when dressing, so I make sure I always have the following items in my wardrobe to funk up my look!

Statement Jewelry

Statement jewelry can make any outfit look interesting. You don’t have to spend a fortune on it either; sometimes the best statement pieces are handmade or bought for cheap from eBay or Etsy. I always have a statement necklace, ring, and pair of earrings just in case. I don’t wear them all at once of course! If I’m wearing a statement piece, I make sure I tone it down with less noticeable pieces. If you’re brave, you can wear your statement jewelry however you like.


A Faux Fur Bag

A faux fur bag helps to add texture to an outfit. You can wear these during the day to make a day outfit look cooler, or even at night to add a touch of glamour to a look. You can find them in all kinds of colours these days; white, black, pink, and lilac to name a few.

A Patterned Jumpsuit

Patterned jumpsuits have so many benefits, you’d be silly not to own one. They are a real investment, as they update your look without having to buy separates. You can also usually dress them up or down depending on your mood. I sometimes like to throw a cardigan or jumper over the latest styles with some casual boots for a laidback day look.

Animal Print

Animal print stands out for all of the right reasons providing you style it properly. If you get it wrong, you can end up looking a little trashy. I like to style my animal print with neutral colors to make sure it doesn’t look ‘too much’. However, sometimes I double it up with even more animal print, but only if they are the same color or style. For example, a black and white zebra print top may look great with black and white leopard print shoes. The colors stop the look from being too mismatched.

Textured Boots

I love a good pair of textured boots; another great way to liven up an outfit! Whether they’re croc print or simply patented, I love having my boots do the talking sometimes.

A Slogan T or Jumper

Slogan Ts and jumpers are big news in fashion this year. You can find all kinds of quotes, or even create your own with certain brands!

Patterned Shoes

Patterned shoes can stop a boring outfit from sending people to sleep. Try wearing a black ensemble with bright or patterned shoes to finish the look!

I hope you find this advice helpful and you can funk up your outfits accordingly. You’re guaranteed to stand out with pattern and texture, so make sure you test out the tips here. Never worry about looking the same as everybody else again!



  1. And what about leather jackets, huh? Why they’re not in the list? 🙂
    It’s a real standing-out-stuff-to-use.

  2. Texture boots is one of the best shoe&clothes stuff which will get me back to my 30s in my mind. It’s eternal exploration in my case 🙂

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