So,  I have just finished the 21-day sugar detox, and I am feeling pretty amazing.  I honestly thought I was not going to make it through the first week, as it felt like an eternity of going through sugar withdrawals. The second week was much easier and I started to feel like I was back on center, and the cravings eased up considerably. I am amazed by how I feel and didn’t realize what a paralyzing effect sugar can have on the body. What I am ever most stoked about is that icky brain fog feeling has lifted and my mind feels so much clearer…Yay!  That is all the reason I need to continue on this journey.  The 21-day sugar detox is pretty strict in that you abstain from all sugar sources, including fruit.  I am going to introduce fruit back into my diet to see how it goes.  I love fruit, especially in the summer, so hopefully it will not cause the brain fog to come back.  I would encourage everyone to try this detox, honestly, it is life-changing.


This is the first in the summer power salad series.  Its pretty simple and when paired with Fuji Apple vinaigrette dressing from Litehouse, it tastes like a little piece of heaven…Who needs cake with a salad like this?  Although the dressing has a sweet taste, it is low in sugar (6g), so you don’t have to feel like your falling off the wagon.


Bed of greens:  spinach, collard greens, kale

1/2 pair sliced

3 strawberries

Nature’s Harvest orange flavored almonds

Fuji Apple vinaigrette dressing

Goat cheese sprinkles


So what are some of your favorite power salads?  Comment below!



  1. This sounds as a real POWER salad. Also we can add some protein rich stuff to make even stronger, right? 🙂
    For instance – cottage cheese. Or even some lentils. Why not?! 🙂

  2. Love it! But I would definitely use apple vinegar either than apple dressing.
    Today they’ve often put different unnecessary stuff inside such ‘dressings’.

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