These leopard lace-ups are one of the bargains I made in Zara the other day. Actually I promised to myself to not buy anything that I wouldn´t also purchase for the full price, as I usually tend to fall into this trap only seeing the red price tag showing you how much you are saving, but in fact  you are still spending money, right?

So what I am trying to say is that you end up buying things that you actually don´t really want, only because they are reduced and apparently a bargain. Do you experience this problem as well or is it just me? So, in my opinion the best is to use sale as an opportunity to buy things that you already wanted since they arrived in stores or timeless pieces are always a good investment as well (given of course your size is still available then…

Clearly those leo heels don´t fit in any of those just mentioned categories…Oops! I guess there is also category 3, with pieces that you didn´t know you want them until you see them and the price is so attractive that you don´t care about your good resolutions…

In this sense: Happy weekend and happy sales shopping!



  1. These sandals are perfect for my style! I’ve just recently bought a leo skirt – so they would be a great tandem you lnow

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