Louis Stewart is a luxury handbag company created by a former luxury fashion executive who thought that women should be leaders and not followers when it comes to their bags. So he created a fashion-forward line of Italian-made handbags for women who like to blaze their own fashion paths.

Already armed with a huge celebrity following, the label is inspired by the classics like Louis Vuitton and Dior but it is easy to see that this line is for the girl who creates trends and doesn’t just follow them. The bags are made of the finest Italian leather and are easy to wear day or night. They feature the details and hardware that denote luxury and some bags even lock like your favorite Louis Vuittons.  We have yet to meet an outfit we didn’t like to wear with our Louis Stewart handbags.

Want a bag?  Right now Hollywood celebrities are snapping them up from Traffic at the Beverly Center. The Louis Stewart website is coming soon!



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