Are you tired giving the same makeup looks or doing it regularly? Then stop doing the same make up or give a natural makeup look try. If you are facing any skin problems then you should avoid applying heavy makeup and go for the natural makeup. Apply light makeup which suits your skin and buy the best products for your skin. Don’t compromise on cheaper makeup products.


Wash and moisturize your face:

Wash you face and remove all the makeup if any applied before and apply moisturizer which should be oil free and rub it on your face. Oily lotions cause acne. So avoid using it. Best to apply is tinted moisturizer because they contain SPF.

Apply conceal or to cover the blemishes:

Now apply conceal or before applying foundation. Always use the match tone conceal or with your skin tone. Apply it on the dark spot not around it otherwise it will give a halo effect. Do not over do conceal or to cover the spot.

Apply foundation:

Apply foundation on the oilier areas of your skin. Be careful to buy the exact tone foundation check when applying checks it in the light that it will not give the unnatural look. Apply the foundation underneath your jaw line otherwise it looks like you are wearing a mask.

Apply bronzer:

Apply bronzer to give a natural glow to your face; you can also apply to cheekbones or t zone for a natural appearance. Apply it in a way that it will not give a drastic look as it looks disaster on pale skin people if applied too much. It’s optional if you want to apply otherwise you can skip it.

Eye makeup:

In natural make up you can apply kohl pencil in black or brown color on the upper lash line. Now line two third of your upper lash line and one third of lower lash line an smudge with cotton bud

Use white pencil:

Use white pencil in the inside corners of your eyes for a brighter look.

Apply eye shadow:

Apply the silver, gold. Or browns color eye shadow to give a professional look according to your skin tone.  Apply the eye shadow on your lid or just above the crease, a little darker the top lid and outline your crease.

Curl your lashes:

Apply one coat of mascara and curl your lashes to give it a bright or awake look.

Apply blush instead of bronzer:

Apply the blush if you don’t want to apply the bronzer. Cream blush is better than the powder brush because it will give you a dewy look and its long lasting. It’s good to prefer champagne color in blush for the natural makeup looks.

Apply lipstick or gloss:

Now it’s time to apply the lipstick to complete the natural make up looks. Try to apply the sheer nude color in lipstick. Avoid chalky, shiny lip glosses or dark colors in lipstick. Apply the color that’s naturall to your lip color.



  1. Whatch out the bronzer thing! It could be overdone on the light skin and will be far away from being ‘natural makeup’ looking.

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