The subtle 70’s have hit the runway recently in Gucci’s RTW collection. It’s always easy to connect with a collection when influences of the past are weaved into the designs!


We all know that runway looks can’t always work as street wear, but this piece is very doable for all ages and styles. The total cost of this design was about $27 (a $7 black jacket from Goodwill, $20 on trims, buttons, and a bottle of E6000 glue).

1. Before starting, prep the blazer by removing all buttons and button loops. Next, prepare your trim! This project used a gold trim that had leaf shapes within in it; the individual shapes were cut apart to create custom appliques.

2. Create rows at the top of your jacket and work your way down. Once you have the design laid out, double check that the rows are symmetrical.

3. One by one, glue the trim down to create your design.

4. Put your jacket on, using stick pins to mark the break of your wrist. This is where the metallic trim will go.

5. Glue the trim into place one row at a time. Here’s a great tip: glue one row, put a book on it for about 30 minutes, and continue onto the next. Repeat on both wrists. Work section by section – this will ensure symmetry.

6. Now it is time to sit back, relax and sew on the buttons. And now, you’re done!



  1. What an awesome hack! I really of such type of people who have enough time and are ready to put enough effort into find all these stuff, make it work together, whatever… But it’s definitely not about me 🙂 I prefer to buy ready-to-go stuff.

  2. That’s incredible lifehack 🙂 Clothe-hack even LOL
    One thing which is missing – one should spend some time to find such leaves.

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