Please introduce your crafty self to our readers!
Hi, I’m Amy, aka One Artsy Mama! I am is passionate about inspiring my online community by sharing honest inspiration for everyday life.  On my blog, you can find craft and home decor projects that are Honestly Doable, kids’ projects that are Honestly Teachable, style tips and DIY jewelry that are Honestly Wearable, and much more! I’m happiest when crafting, and when I’m not covered in paint, you can find me sharing jewelry projects on the popular online community Craftsy. I’m a perfectionist, a recovering English teacher, a ballroom dancer, and a Starbucks addict.

Why did you decide to start One Artsy Mama?
When my son was two years old, I was searching online for a St. Patrick’s Day craft for a play date we were hosting. I stumbled upon a blog called “That Artist Woman” that was full of holiday craft ideas for kids and it introduced me to the world of craft blogging. I had quit my full time job to stay at home with my son, so I was looking for an outlet, and I decided to give blogging a try. I never imagined it becoming any sort of business or source of income; it was totally going to be my hobby and I just hoped to inspire a few people through it. If you had told me then that today I’d have an online community of over 30,000 readers, I would never have believed it.

What inspires you?
I’m a very visual person, so I’m inspired by things I see, whether it’s on Pinterest, other blogs, or in a store. Often, I’ll see something for sale like a piece of jewelry or home decor and it gets the wheels in my brain turning about how I could create something similar but with my own spin. Sometimes just seeing individual craft materials inspires me because I can “see” in my mind what they could become.

How has your blog changed your day-to-day life?
My daily life is completely different now! I spend almost the entire time my son is in school creating and photographing projects, editing pictures, writing posts, and promoting them. It’s become a full time job. I have no idea what my life would look like at this point if I weren’t doing this.

What advice would you give to mothers who want to start a blog?
Before you begin, set boundaries for yourself about how much time you’re going to dedicate to your blog. Decide when you will be “off duty” and present with your family because this job would gladly take up every minute of your time.

If you could talk to the newbie blogger version of yourself, what would you say?
Don’t get discouraged, I promise your audience will be bigger than just your mom. You’ll see. Also, start out on WordPress even though Blogger is free. You’ll thank me later.


  1. Modern craft art, when is done with the really conscious presence – is one of the best forms of self-expression and really adds value to the people. Love such examples s Amy demonstrates.

  2. Oh… What a cute is this little tiny bottle with coffee. It could be a great gift for any holiday 🙂

  3. Such examples are so inspiring for me. Let lots of people follow the example of such persons as Amy.

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