As a makeup and beauty addict, I tend to accumulate products. I love trying new things and sharing my opinions about them but it’s a challenge sometimes to keep the products from taking over my bathroom.

I was doing a little bathroom clean-out and thought I would share my favorite little corner with you – my medicine cabinet. I actually use it as a beauty cabinet because I keep cold medicine and vitamins in a cabinet in my kitchen. I like using my bathroom medicine cabinet to store the beauty products I use most frequently because it keeps my bathroom counter relatively clutter-free. I still manage to clutter it up sometimes but using the medicine cabinet for my everyday beauty items helps a lot.

The bottom shelf has the items that I reach for the most often. Normally as I get ready I just keep this cabinet open, and pull items out as I need them. The bottom row has all of my daily facial cleansing products.

Right now I’m using Clinique’s liquid facial soap to remove my makeup on days when I’m filming and my makeup is really heavy. To wash my face, I use Proactiv’s 3-step face cleansing system for the most part. I’ve been using it on and off for years. I like to switch up my products whenever I run out so I can try new ones but Proactiv products I put into my rotation of items I always come back to. After the 3-step system I use the Proactiv Daily Oil Control which helps keep my face from getting shiny.

Meaningful Beauty Cindy Crawford Antioxidant Day Crème SPF 20 UVA/UVB

is my day moisturizer of choice. My dermatologist told me that wearing sunscreen is good for preventing wrinkles and sun damage which will age my face, so I try to wear sunscreen-based moisturizer on my face if I’m going to be outside during the day exercising or getting some sun.

At night if I’m having breakouts I use the stuff in the blue bottle that has no name. I got it from my dermatologist. I haven’t had to use it lately but I’ll keep it for a few more months in case

I need it. I’ll toss it before it goes bad.


I have my Meaningful Beauty by Cindy Crawford Advanced Formula Eye Cream which I use at night under my eyes. Here’s the thing about eye creams, I’ve been using them to prevent wrinkles under my eyes but I honestly can’t tell if they work for me. I don’t really have wrinkles under my eyes though so I guess that means they work?

The next shelf up is a mixture of Qtips, Proactiv makeup remover pads.

Primal Pit Paste is my new favorite deodorant. I love Primal Pit Paste because of all of the organic, all-natural, non-aluminum based deodorants, this one actually works.

Dr. Brandt’s Pore Effect I got this one as a sample and I like the way it feels and it seems to minimize my pores a bit so I’ll probably buy it when this runs out.

Clinique Total Turnaround Cream is awesome. I tend to get hormonal acne and I notice that my face gets oilier during that time of the month. I use the Turnaround Cream during that week and it helps keep my skin looking even-toned and refreshed. It works. This product is getting hard to find because I think they have stopped making it but you can still buy it on Amazon.

The shelf above that has more skincare and beauty products. From left to right:

Beautannia Soap in Bloomsbury 
I love this soap that I picked up from Space NK. It smells really good. I have the lotion in the same scent that I leave in my car to use as a hand cream.

Meaningful Beauty by Cindy Crawford NightCream
I haven’t tried this yet. I put it in my cabinet to remind myself to try it.

Meaningful Beauty by Cindy Crawford Glycolic Treatment Pads
The key to clear skin is to remove all the oils and build up that block pores. These treatment pads cut through everything. I use them once a week just to deep clean my skin.

Epicuren Acidophilus Probiotic Facial Cream
This is a product I use once or twice a week if I remember. It has gentle ingredients and helps stimulate your skin exfoliate naturally.

Epicuren Colostrum Cream
I swear by this product. It’s a cell regenerator and helps build strong skin cells and evens out skin tone. I alternate between this and Clinique Turnaround Cream so my skin doesn’t get used to either product.

The Present by Scott Barnes for Motives This little box is so convenient. It contains four lip glosses, four eye shadows, two shades of blush, four shades of concealer for contouring and one translucent powder are all stacked in a little box.

Melatonin Supplements from Trader Joes ( I get insomnia and so I take these. A good night’s sleep is the best beauty solution!)

The top shelf has:

Lierac Huile Sensorielle Oil I use this as a body oil after I get out of the shower or bath in the summer.  It smells so good!

Michael Kors Glimmer Body Cream I alternate between this and Lierac Huille Sensorielle Oil. This also smells amazing! It is a thicker, heavier cream so I usually use this if my skin is feeling dry. It’s my fall and winter go-to cream.

Travel Bag with all of my contact lens stuff in it.I can’t remember where I got this bag!



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